Local, committed ownership

EPO Development is built on the belief that with the right partnerships and commitments, neighborhood revitalization can restore safety to the streets, protect the dignity of tenants, create long-term stability and improve the quality of life in surrounding areas.

Working Together


We believe revitalizing a neighborhood requires commitment and partnership between developers, housing professionals, tenants and neighbors.

What Our Partners Say

“I have known and worked with EPO Development for the past 25 years. From the beginning, they have worked to transform neighborhoods and always do what is right …

Here, drug deals were common and it was not safe to walk the streets or raise a family …

The resulting product was a complete transformation of the streets and properties where new pride of ownership occurred. Property values rose and families moved into the area creating a sense of community for all.”

–¬†Perry Metzger, Treasurer Fruitridge Vista Homeowners Association