Who We Are

Our Story

We believe revitalizing a neighborhood requires commitment and partnership between developers, housing professionals, tenants and neighbors.

  • Everyone involved in a neighborhood has a role to play in restoring safety and pride to troubled areas.  If any of these partners aren’t on board, no amount of investment can deliver the results that are needed for meaningful change.
  • We’re proud of our relationship with the professionals at the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Authority and work closely with them to bring needed change to our neighborhoods.
  • We see our tenants as partners in this effort.  We want tenants who share our commitment to building better neighborhoods for their families, and we work hard to give them a home they can be proud of. Many of our employees are current or former tenants.

We believe that affordable housing doesn’t have to look cheap.

  • Often, it takes no more expense or time to add the extra touches that create a home in which tenants can live with dignity. Our buying power and in-house construction team allow us to work within responsible budgets and still create a beautiful home that can be a source of pride.
  • If we can buy and install quality carpet or countertops for a little more than cheaper, less durable products, we believe it’s the right thing to do.
  • Successful neighborhood revitalization depends on tenants who take pride in their homes. Cutting corners just because you can is an insult to tenants’ dignity and works against the effort to make a neighborhood a better place to live.

We believe in local, long-term ownership.

  • Our investments in neighborhoods are for the long term.  We’re not interested in flipping properties or neglecting rentals in anticipation of a rise in real estate prices.
  • For decades, Sacramento’s most troubled neighborhoods have been a patchwork of absentee-owned rentals.  On any given street, an apartment building owned by a San Francisco investor sits alongside a rental home whose owner lives in Los Angeles. In neither case does the owner feel any incentive to make the home, the street or the neighborhood a better place to live.
  • Our offices are in the neighborhoods we seek to improve.  We live in this community and we go to work here every day. We believe local, responsible owners have a greater incentive to maintain their properties, to look after the interests of neighborhoods, and to protect the well-being of our tenants.